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It is not good to have a website that nobody visits. Same is true if no one also buys from an eCommerce site. This can spell disaster to any business or company. Lead Generation is the marketing process aimed at developing the sales pipeline through the stimulation and capture of interest for the product or service. To be able to generate leads, your effort must be directed to your product or service. It often uses digital channels and is constantly evolving, thanks to the rise of new online and social techniques.

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Since the buying process has changed, it is imperative to find new ways to reach buyers and stand out among competition. Instead of looking for customers, you must make your company more visible to your customers. In turn, they will be the ones to look for you whenever they feel the need to require your goods or services. Steps can be taken to effectively generate leads.

Ways on how to generate leads:

  1. Determine who your customer is and know where they are
  2. Join groups that your customers may be a part of
  3. Visit websites that your customers visit
  4. Build a mail list (It is critical in driving sales for your site)
  5. Consider pay per click advertising (like with Google AdWords)
  6. Learn about your customer preferences
  7. Write articles that your potential customers may find interesting and submit it to various sites
  8. Avail of internet services that provide pre-qualified leads
  9. Create informative video clip and post it on YouTube

Lead generation can be done both inbound and outbound. For inbound ones, Content and SEO, Website, Blog and Social Media are the key tactics to generate leads and create some buzz for the company. Gone were the days when the only option that you have were outbound techniques. Create brand awareness, then convert it into brand preference until eventually it will result to a sale.

Outbound tactics rely on Email Marketing, Display Ads, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Content Syndication, Direct Mail, Events and Sales Development Representatives. It is directed to introduce your message through rented attention. It is often highly targeted and with a call to action that is very obvious. It is giving that one little push to secure revenue for the company.

To have the most effective and efficient lead generation, it must be a combination of both inbound and outbound strategies. It can multiply the number of leads you generate and significantly increase sharing thus, also increase the number of customers who can see your content.

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